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The Equilibrium Contour Mattress incorporates a number of features to address the two key factors necessary for the highest quality sleep: Hygiene and Ergonomic Sleep Posture.


Our Removable Mattress Cover is washable in hot water to ensure you can properly wash away and remove dust, dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, dust mite carcasses, their excretion and any other contaminants that may find there way into your bed. This ensures that you can keep your mattress pristine and clean for many years to come.


Silvershield Hygiene Technology ensures your mattress stays hygienic in-between washes.  Medicinal-grade 99.99% silver is bonded with Tencel fibre to create a powerful, natural anti-bacterial sleep environment ensuring you can properly kill the bacteria which feed and support dust mites.  Silvershield Hygiene Technology allows for an unparalleled level of hygiene. This is particularly important to aide asthma sufferers, people with dust allergies and skin conditions.

Moisture absorbent eco-friendly Tencel fiber is sustainably harvested from plantation Eucalyptus trees.  It is beautifully soft to the touch, highly durable and can hold many times its own weight in moisture, thus helping to ensure the mattress cover and importantly the core remains dry.  By wicking away perspiration, Tencel has a moisture evaporation rate superior to any other fibre on the market.  This exceptional moisture management property naturally inhibits the propagation of moulds and bacteria, which can lead to dust-mites, micro-maggots and other allergens inside your mattress.  With its plush texture, durable quality and amazing moisture management characteristics,  Tencel is the perfect choice for this type of bedding application.

Silvershield Hygiene Technology offers the perfect solution for health, hygiene and holistic sleep.



There are many factors which make our bed the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites, micro maggots and allergens.

  • We lose between 1 Litre and 1.5 Litres of moisture from our bodies every night via perspiration and expiration.

  • We shed much of our skin and body hair into our bed over a period of days, months and years, With not just one, but often two people in bed, you can double the amount of skin cells lost each night.

  • Our bed is often a flat surface which collect dust all day long (think of what happens to furniture that hasn't been dusted down for many weeks). Many airborne allergens, dust and pollens will arrive to form part of the environment that we spend one third of our lives in

  • Our warm bodies and an endless food source create the perfect ecosystem for bacteria and dust mites to breed.

Dust mites have been linked to hay fever, asthma, eczema, conjunctivitis, anaphylaxis, dermatitis, migraine headaches, certain gut disorders and the list goes on. Dust mites and their faecal matter are all so fine they can pass right through your sheets and into the mattress itself. The inhalation of dust mite faeces and carcasses is known to stimulate the mucus membrane, causing allergy, runny nose and sore throat. These irritations can lead to more sleep disturbance, preventing valuable Slow Wave sleep. So how can we keep our sleep environment free from there microscopic pests? Surprisingly, it is not good enough to just wash the sheets and unfortunately, vacuuming a mattress does not do enough to clean it in any effective way. Our sweat and its by-product, urea, stain the mattress over time and cannot ever be vacuumed out. 

By harnessing the powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of Silver in the the Holisticare Sleep System, we are able to kill dust mites and break their breeding cycle in our very important sleep environment. Knowing that we can then remove and wash the mattress cover in hot water whenever is required, gives us the unique ability to clean away all the pests and contaminant that most people have to put up with night after night, one third of their lives. The Holistic Sleep System by Holisticare takes your health to a whole new level.



Given that we will spend 4 months out of every year in bed, it is critical that we sleep in an anatomically neutral rest position to achieve maximum comfort and circulation.


If your mattress is too hard you can suffer from impeded circulation, pressure points, increased backache and nerve cramps.


If your mattress is too soft your spine will not be ergonomically supported, placing extra stress on muscles, ligaments and joints. This 'hammock' effect can have disastrous consequences for your spinal health and is a major cause of sleep discomfort, tossing and turning. 

The Equilibrium Contour System by Holisticare is neither hard nor soft - the ingenious design of our mattress is a blend of yielding and supportive core materials. It must yield in the common pressure point (weight bearing) areas of the shoulder, hip and calf (lower leg) but support the alternate spinal areas of the neck and lumbar, as well as the knee, to maintain an anatomically neutral (ergonomic) spinal position. This creates the perfect sleep posture to eliminate the pressure points caused by a poorly designed mattress.


By achieving this perfect sleep posture, the Equilibrium Contour System allows for minimal sleep disturbances. This in turn maximises the very important and desirable stages of deep delta wave (slow wave) and REM sleep.  These phases of sleep are the holy grail as they are the phases of sleep that allow healing, cell and tissue repair, memory reconciliation and rejuvenation, and ultimate recovery from training and exercise, each and every night.  


Imagine giving your body the ultimate recovery each and every night, by just getting your choice of mattress correct.  


We sleep up to 8 hours per day, or one third of your life. Why not sleep on the Equilibrium Contour System.  A mattress that has been specifically designed to give you the most superior rejuvenation and recovery that is possible today. 


Rejuvenated sleep means an active and happy life. Experts agree that we should sleep for 7 - 8 hours per day, but have you ever wondered why you can wake up one day feeling great and then another feeling terrible. You were asleep for 8 hours but you feel just as tired as you did before you went to bed. So why do you feel this way?

Restless sleepers spend far less time in their deep sleep stages known as Delta or Slow Wave sleep. These stages are critical for healing and rejuvenating of the body. Slow wave sleep is our bodies ability to rejuvenate and heal. Solid REM sleep (or Dream phase sleep) is also essential for optimum memory function. Every-time you toss and turn in your sleep, your sleep is disturbed and your brain has to wake up slightly to move. The more often you wake up, the less time you will spend in your Slow Wave and REM sleep phases. This is bad for you.

Things that wake you up, may be non bed related causes such as a dog barking or a baby crying, however the quality of your mattress is more likely the cause - for example: partner disturbance; backaches; tossing and turning; increased pressure points and poor circulation can be aggravated by a poorly designed mattress with uneven or non-existent ergonomic support.