Introducing the new Equilibrium Contour System by Holisticare. Australia’s most innovative mattress.


A revolution in holistic sleep technology, addressing the two critical factors necessary for the highest quality sleep: ultimate hygiene & ergonomic (neutral) rest posture.


This is achieved using our washable cover which is threaded with medicinal grade silver yarn (silver is one of natures greatest anti-bacterial compounds); and our HG (hospital grade) core designed to provide the perfect posture to support the three natural curves of your spine. 


When viewing the spinal column directly from the back, your 33 vertebrae should be completely vertical.  When viewed from the side, the Cervical or neck area of the spine should maintain a natural curve inward, the Thoracic or upper spinal area should curve outward and the lumbar or lower spinal area should again curve inward. This is the perfect neutral spinal posture. 


The super high quality HG mattress core ensures this perfect neutral spinal posture whilst your sleep!


By keeping your spine in perfect alignment our mattress takes all the pressure off your spine, nerves, muscles and tissues. This then minimises pressure points, numbness and poor circulation, allowing for optimum muscle relaxation. This means you will toss and turn less, resulting in undisturbed, rejuvenating sleep every night!

Equilibrium Contour System

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  • Our Removable Mattress Cover is washable in hot water to ensure you can properly wash away and remove dust, dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, dust mite carcasses, their excretion and any other contaminants that may find there way into your bed. This ensures that you can keep your mattress pristine and clean for many years to come.